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Question Generator iPad App

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Question Generator iPad App

Learning how to ask questions has never been more important. Teachers and students can use the Question Generator app to learn how to ask the questions that matter most. Using SOLO Taxonomy as a framework, this app generates questions to bring in ideas (to build surface understanding); questions to connect ideas (to develop deep understanding) and questions to extend ideas (to create conceptual understanding). Use the SOLO coded question banks within the app or create your own, either way you will learn how to ask great questions - relevant, appropriate and substantial questions.

"Once you have learned how to ask questions–relevant and appropriate and substantial questions–you have learned how to learn and no one can keep you from learning, whatever you want or need to know." Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner Teaching as a Subversive Activity

HookED (Hook Educational Consultancy) uses a classroom based approach to SOLO Taxonomy to make learning visible.

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