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Progress: On Making Progress Visible with SOLO

Crown House

Progress: On Making Progress Visible with SOLO

Hook, P. (2017). On making progress visible with SOLO.  In I. Wallace and L. Kirkman (Eds), Best of the Best. Progress. Crown House Publishing. UK.

In Progress, Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman explore our understanding of this core educational concept, drawing together ideas from leading international thinkers and practical strategies for busy teachers. The Best of the Best series brings together – for the first time – the most influential voices in education in a format that is concise, insightful and accessible for teachers. Keeping up with the latest and best ideas in education can be a challenge – as can putting them into practice – but this new series is here to help.

Pam Hook suggests that progress is most usefully expressed not as a forward-moving line but as a spiral where learning experiences are returned to and repeated, perhaps several times, at increasingly higher levels or at greater depth.

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